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In West Philadelphia born and raised; seriously, I am a West Philly native and it's where I call home, however, Atlanta, Georgia is where I decided to reside after retiring from the United States Army after 20 years of dedicated service. I discovered photography as my creative outlet in 2015.


My excitement for photography varies from intimate portraits, to symmetrical landscapes and the rich tones of cityscapes. I co-managed Studio Primetime, a 7,000 square foot work space, where I hosted workshops on the diverse aspects of lighting and model posing.

I had the pleasure of participating in photography exhibits throughout Atlanta including:


  • A Surreal World, hosted by Bhargava Chiluveru in Nov. 2015

  • Connect Downtown, hosted by Downtown Atlanta, Lauren Holley and Bhargava Chiliuveru in March 2016

  • Boycott, hosted by The Southeast Arts Center in Jan. 2017

  • #WeLoveATL Mobile Gallery, hosted by WeLoveATL in June 2017

  • Black Riders, Hosted by Fulton County Arts & Culture July 2019


My belief is that we should broaden our vision and expand our styles to more than just one particular style or genre of photography, which is the inspiration behind my clothing line Shoot Everything.      

I am happy to announce that I have sold a print to Fulton County Arts and Culture Public Art Program. The piece, named Locks of Love (or TMP-2460), can be found by going to the Projects tab and clicking on Fences. The piece will be displayed in a federal building in Fulton County at the beginning of the year. I sold two additional prints that are now displayed in the newly renovated Fulton County Tax Commissioner’s Office (Delinquent Property Tax Division Section) in Atlanta, Georgia, and will be part of their private collection.

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Dennis Morton Jr

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